It’s been two years and a few hours to the day. Alok and I were surgically garnishing the steaming Rajma-Chawal, which our launch team of six had so excitably prepared. While trying to pick out the freshest from the bunch of coriander clenched in our hands, an argument ensued. Whether to garnish only the rajma,…Continue Reading “We turn 2.”

Since our inception, the team at Yumist has been passionately and tirelessly working to understand our customers’ needs and accordingly evolve the Yumist experience. With our new kitchen going operational earlier this year, we could take significant steps forward leading to the launch of the following new initiatives, aimed at solving critical pain points in…Continue Reading “Constant Evolution – BYOB, Lunchroom & Bites”

Discounting. An age old marketing concept simple enough to understand, but turned into something convoluted in this day and age of digital commerce. There’s been enough tweets, posts and sermons on how discounting is being abused by startups in the name of improving traction or inflating some vanity metric. In most cases, that’s true. But…Continue Reading “Discounting ain’t evil, the underlying intentions can be.”